The Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of New York Welcomes You!

Choosing a church home is an important decision for any Christian, new or seasoned, so we have designed a process to make sure you get the most from your Greater Allen Cathedral experience. First, new members fill out a form so we can get to know each of you individually.  New Members can pick up forms from the church office Monday-Friday from 10am to 8pm, in the Cathedral’s Chapel on Sunday after every worship service or at the New Member table in the Cathedral Narthex each Sunday.

Each prospective new member completes five new member classes that teach the fundamental understandings of the Christian faith. Our new member classes are held every Thursday and the first three Saturdays of each month:

 Thursday classes occur once from 7pm to 9pm

 The 1st Saturday of the month offers Class One from 10am to 12pm,

 Lunch from 12pm to 1pm, and Class Two from 1pm to 3pm

 The 2nd Saturday of the month offers Class Three from 10am to 12pm,

 Lunch from 12pm to 1pm, and Class Four from 1pm to 3pm

 The 3rd Saturday of the month offers Class Five from 10am to 12pm

 You are only required to bring a Bible to these classes but if you do not have one, the church can provide you with one.

We host a New Member Orientation every Monday from 7pm to 9pm and every Saturday from 2pm to 4pm to inform perspective new members about the schedule and content of our new member classes to make this process easier. We encourage everyone interested in joining the GAC family to attend. 

The first new member class is entitled “The Life of a Christian”. This class discusses the characteristics of God and humankind’s path to salvation. The second class is entitled “What We Believe”. This class offers a basic understanding of the African Methodist Episcopal Church’s name, history and doctrine. The third class is entitled “The Power of Praise and Worship”. This class explores the definitions of “praise” and “worship” and investigates why both are important fixtures in every believer’s life. The fourth class is entitled “The Word of God”. 

This class illuminates some of the many ways that God speaks to humanity with a special emphasis on the Bible. The final class is entitled “Stewardship and Tithing”. This class discusses the responsibilities that every member has to the church regarding their time, talents and treasures. It is not required that the classes are taken in order although it is highly recommended.

After all five classes are fulfilled, membership is complete and you are officially part of our church family attached. We host a “The Right and of Fellowship”, which is offered every third Sunday during the 11:15 service, when new members are introduced to church and are greeted by our pastors and ministers. 






​​​​​​​Lord God, I realize that I am a sinner, and I am sorry. I want to be saved from my sins. I confess my sins before You. Please forgive me. I believe Jesus died so that I might be saved and that I might have everlasting life. Come into my heart, take complete control, and fill me with the Holy Spirit. I want to live for You. Thank you for saving me. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.