Healing is Resistance: Spirituality and Self Care

To be Black in America is to be repeatedly traumatized by the many manifestations of racism, from microagressions to state-sanctioned violation, dehumanization, and murder of Black bodies. The nation’s Racial Contract traps Black people in a constant state of suffering as it works to maintain white supremacy. This session will describe how the stresses of systemic racism manifest in Black bodies; discuss healing as a radical act of resistance; and share strategies for engaging in mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual self-care.

Moderator: Dr. Michael McCreary, President, New Brunswick Theological Seminary

Dr. Thema Bryant, Professor, Pepperdine University

Rev. Heaven Berhane, Pastor of Community Engagement, FCBC

Rev. Samuel Green, Jr., Director of Christian Education, AME 7th District

Rev. Dr. Jessica Ingram, Episcopal Supervisor, 1st District AME Church

Dr. Brianna Parker, Black Millennial Cafe’