From the Civil Rights Movement to BLM: The Future of the Movement

Born from the Black Freedom Movement and empowered by the rise of social media and digital platforms, #BlackLivesMatter ushered in a new era of social activism. Protests and fundraisers are organized via social media. Citizen journalists use their cell phones to cover what mainstream media doesn’t. Political education is available by webinar. Bolstered by millennials and amplified by Gen-Z, the current Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) combines the history, traditions, and lessons of the past with modern-day methods. In this session, panelists will discuss how the philosophies of M4BL intersect with those of other Black liberation movements; highlight key strategies for mobilizing and action; outline a vision for the future of the Movement; and explore how the faith community can contribute to that vision.

Philip Agnew, Dream Defenders

Pastor Eddie Anderson, Pastor, McCarty Memorial Christian Church

Rev. Dr. Willie Francois, Black Church Center

Tiffany Loftin, NAACP National Youth Director

Tamika Mallory, Until Freedom