From Pain To Protest To Policy

Rooted in racism, America’s policing system has devastated Black communities for nearly two centuries. Police murders of unarmed Black Americans are far too common. We’ve witnessed law enforcement turn humans to hashtags a heart-wrenching number of times—-and rarely are accountability and justice served. We can’t play outside. We can’t have a broken tail light. We can’t be asleep in our homes. We. Can’t. Breathe. But change is on the horizon. Across the nation, people are turning their pain into protest, and those protests are building power for transformative policy change. This panel will explore the complexity of reforming policing, highlight the barriers to ensuring accountability and justice for racist policing practices, and discuss opportunities to get civically engaged and demand much-needed policy changes at the local, state, and federal levels.

Angela Alsobrooks, Prince George’s County Executive

Senator Kamala D. Harris, US Senate - CA

Dr. Roger Mitchell, Chief Medical Examiner, Washington, DC

Spencer Overton, President, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

Rev. Matthew L. Watley, Kingdom Fellowship AME Church