We are so grateful that you have decided to help us Expand the Kingdom by Transforming Lives! 

The Allen Acts of Kindness ministry is a unique engagement based subdivision of the Outreach Ministry. It’s mission, is to mobilize church efforts to develop strategic community targeted engagements that extend the love of Christ to the world around us.

We use engagements to draw people into the church by highlighting the reality that God loves and cares for them, where they are. We follow up with impacted families, showing care and concern and inviting them to church and to Christ. This event serves as a microcosm of ministry model and an example of what is to come.

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August 23-31, 2019 (Deposit due immediately)

Allen Acts in partnership with Ladies Usher Board No. 2, welcomes you to our eight (8) night cruise from New Jersey sailing to the Bahamas on the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas.  This all-inclusive cruise features an excursion to THE HOLY LAND EXPERIENCE in Orlando, Florida. The Holy Land Experience brings the “Bible to Life” through entertainment, and creates an immersive bible atmosphere for all! Click to view flyer